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Supporting links in text

April 24, 2016

If you’ve encountered a use case where you need a tappable link in a label, you might have been a bit confused. See, UILabels do not natively support tappable links.

Luckily, there are at least two workarounds at your service:

1. UITextView and NSAttributedString

You might think it’s an overkill to use a UITextView instead of a UILabel. In some cases, you might be right, but depending on your needs, this might be a completely viable solution.

To make it work, you need this short snippet of code (assuming you already have a UITextView hooked up with a IBOutlet in your View Controller):

This is it! The Candy Code will open Safari and show this lovely website. 🙂

For the full working sample, click here.

The second workaround is …

2. Using TTTAttributedLabel

Like I mentioned above – it depends on your situation, but I dislike adding dependencies for just one use case. If you have to support links in multiple places in your app, by all means use this library. If you only need it in one place, seriously consider replacing your UILabel with a UITextView and focus on more important issues!

Here’s a link to the TTTAttributedLabel repo.



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