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Do I need a Mac to make iOS or OS X Apps?

June 11, 2015

I remember asking myself the same exact questions when I was still making Android apps on my PC. Do I really need a Mac?

The short answer is: YES!

While you might find numerous posts on how to set up a Hackintosh, you’ll find even more posts and comments where people are saying it’s just not worth your time and your nerves.

The cold hard truth is that you can’t transform any PC into a Hackintosh. Some hardware configurations simply don’t work and you can spend an insane amount of time trying to make it work (and I won’t even mention updates). At least that’s what I did with with my HP.

I was still a student and my wallet was begging me to leave it alone. I didn’t have the money to buy a brand new Mac, even if I wanted to. So I looked for a used 13″ MacBook Pro that was cheap and completely enough to get started.

If you’re on a tight budget, I recommend doing the same – browse through craigslist for a used Mac and save yourself a lot of time. You should rather spend it on actual iOS development to start making money!

Not sure which Mac is best to start making iOS apps? Leave your email below, a new post on that is coming up soon!


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