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Let's face it - Auto Layout can be a pain in the rear sometimes. First, you get warnings in Xcode out of the blue, then you think you've solved them, just to be welcomed by that little red circle indicating an error. Once you take care of that and run your project, you discover that the view looks nothing like you wanted.

The good news is that many developers before you have struggled with the exact same issues!

That's why I've packed this 5-day course with actionable tasks that will let you become a master at recognizing and solving the most common mistakes iOS developers do with Auto Layout.

Here's breakdown of what you can expect during these 5 days:

  1. UILabels: dos and don'ts
  2. Adding views with Auto Layout in code
  3. Animating views using Auto Layout
  4. Properly hiding views using Auto Layout
  5. Content hugging & compression resistance priorities explained

PS: The course is currently available in Swift only, but fear not! The code bits are not extensive, so with a little bit of Swift knowledge, you can apply the same principles using Objective-C as well.

Auto Layout is a great tool, but like anything else, it's not perfect. Developers who are most efficient with their tools are the ones that not only know their benefits but also their pitfalls. Let Auto Layout become a tool you swing with your utmost confidence!

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